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THE SPIRITUAL BIBLE There is a universe of new and likewise ancient knowledge, so broad that it cannot be contained by one person: It has to be shared with the world! It is about spiritual symbols, which fill the Bible. How can we understand them? Well-meaning translators of the original Holy Scriptures in Hebrew, Greek, and partly Aramaic, offer modernized texts for our time. Yet, could they properly translate a spiritual text without authentic spiritual experiences? Unlikely, as a computer-illiterate cannot properly translate computer instructions. S/he knows the word “mouse,” yet the use of this word may remain hidden to him/her, translating the meaning of a “computer mouse” by

“pruned or calculated rodent!”

It is the same with modern Bible translations! The “Word” is not the word, the mountain is not the mountain, the serpent is not the serpent, the steps are not the steps – yet they may be! The early Roman Church fathers did their best to keep people from living God’s Law: They falsified it and discouraged or forbade people for 1000 years to read the Bible and the few reports on Christ’s life they left in it. Yet, enough is left in symbols to reconstruct the spiritual teachings of Christ! If we only could decipher these spiritual symbols!

SPIRITUALITY What is Christ’s spiritual-symbolic teaching, what is spirituality, and how can we today experience it? Spirituality is divine energy, the direct connection with God/Christ, as Christ taught by example and in symbols. When we know the symbolic meanings, we may experience and recognize our own spiritual events! However, what did the fathers of the newly forming Roman State Church (of pagan stock) essentially leave for their “Christian” congregations?

the last supper, or half of it, and
an inaccurate name for Christ.

Nevertheless, all churches hide in plain sight reminders of Christ’s spiritual wisdom in unexplained symbols stitched on robes, presented by flowers, songs, 12 petals on stained glass windows, or mysterious insignia, secretly reminding us – beyond literal words – of our God-given powers, which we all still have, or at least the toolbox for them: Our body!

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KNOW THE SECRETS, BE THE ONE Knowing the spiritual secrets of the Bible means having a greater chance to recognize and regain our divine radiant energy that has supported the miracles for Christ when in a human body. During millennia before him, it has worked for others through him, being the Creator of the Universe! For turning this world of corruption back into Paradise, we need the “Hundredth Monkey Effect” of
understanding and spiritual practice! You can be this “Hundredth Monkey” igniting the spiritual spark that re-enlightens the world, preparing for Christ’s return!

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*Title and Nature of Christ; *God’s Original Laws vs. the Falsified Version; *Sabbath vs. Sunday; *Christ Riding on a Donkey; The Strait Gate and the Single Eye; *Water of Life and Mountains; *Prayer vs. Meditation; *Turning the Other Cheek – How So? *Cain vs. Abel; *666 vs. 144,000; *YHVH or Yeshua? *Who was God talking to in Genesis 1 before Adam and Eve were created? *Why is God’s name plural as Elohim in Gen. 1? *The Hebrew Tree of Life; *The Tree of Knowledge; *On the cross, was Christ forsaken by God? What did he really say and what does it reveal?

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